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The 10,000 square foot brick, concrete and steel Museum devotes 4 of its rooms to items used in the daily lives of the early ranchers and homesteaders, those who later beat the double burden of the Depression and Dustbowl, and those who witnessed the emergence of the modern Panhandle. A large 5th room displays chipped stone tools, grinding stones, pottery and other items used in the more ancient lifeways of Native Americans in the region. A 6th room is devoted to exhibits of paleontological and geological items, while an adjacent 7th room presents history, economy and ecology of the area. An 8th room provides a small gallery for local artists, displays of art from the museum's collection, and traveling exhibits.


Admission to the museum is free and groups are welcome.

Museum Hours

Summer Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

10am - Noon

1pm - 4pm

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In search of volunteers to help maintain the museum.

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Unique Items Exhibited include:
  • an unusual extensive collection of Plains arrowheads
  • a catlinite peace pipe presented in 1923 to a Hooker resident by Blackfoot Chief Two Guns Whitecalf
  • fine examples of beadwork and porcupine quillwork
  • dinosaur footprints and natural casts from the Kenton vicinity
  • the 1st printing press to cross the Mississippi
  • desks used by the two delegates at the 1906 Oklahoma Constitutional Convention
  • antique quilts
  • horsedrawn hearse and freight wagons
  • large barbed wire collection
  • Oklahoma Panhandle State University memorabilia
  • 19th century carpentry tools
  • antique camera collection
  • photo gallery and biographies of Guymon's Pioneer Day Queens
  • two-headed calf



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